The Administrators of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the teachers today on “World Teacher Day”.  Without you, there would be no doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, engineers, authors … and the list goes on.  Who would teach our students the difference between right and wrong?  Who would problem solve with our students and who would teach them that above all, being a good positive member of God’s world is truly what matters?  Behind every successful person – however you measure success – is a good teacher.  Today, we want to let you know that we recognize the sacrifices that you make in your personal time and your family time for our students.  We recognize the dedication that you demonstrate to your craft, inspiring students to understand an ever-changing curriculum and pushing them to learn more.  We recognize your genuine love you demonstrate for our students, as you take care of all their needs – spiritual, emotional, and social.

Today we recognize YOU and the impact that you have on our world.  On behalf of the administrators of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, THANK YOU to all our teachers.  Keep changing the world!