Picture Day

Hello parents!

Remember, Picture Day is coming on Friday, October 12

Make it simple by ordering your portraits online, using your Picture Day ID and child’s first name to get started. If you prefer to order on paper, we will be sending an order form home as well.

St. Aloysius Elementary School Picture Day ID: QX108221QP

Ordering Before Picture Day
  1. Go to MyLifetouch.ca
  2. Enter your Picture Day ID, which is unique to your school.
Ordering and Paying After Picture Day
  1. Find your Portait ID and Access Code, which is unique to each student, on your proofs or order sheet.
  2. Go to MyLifetouch.ca

For up to 9 months after your Picture Day you can use your Portrait ID and Access Code for a first-time order or to reorder additional portraits and portrait gifts.

Remember to smile and have fun!