RMF would like to welcome you to another amazing school year! As the new year starts we find it fit to remind you about the Milk & Cookie Program offered at your child’s school. Our Milk & Cookie Program is unlike any other and offers a wide variety of options including, white and chocolate milk for 1.00 and a Jumbo Chocolate chip Cookie (nut Free) for 1.05. Each item is individually labelled with the student’s name and their teacher’s name and packed by class. Orders can be placed using our Online Ordering System. This online system allows you to place your child’s order by 3pm two school days before the order is to be received. You also have the option to set up email reminders, so you never miss a date!  Visit www.remembermeinc.com and click “Create Account” to get started! If you have an account, all you must do is re-add your child.