Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser


By purchasing some amazing labels, you can also help support your child’s school.


Mabel’s Labels are a great way to ensure that all of your child’s belongings make it home each day and stay out of the lost and found. There are also labels’ for EVERY OCCASION (i.e. travel, camping, home and personal) – so check them out!


To order, click the link below, enter our school name and start shopping. It is that easy!


With Christmas around the corner, what a great gift idea for your child’s teacher, nieces/ nephews or even yourself!!!


School Name: St. Aloysius Catholic Elementary School (Kitchener)


Labels will be sent directly to your home and a portion of your purchase will be sent directly to St. Aloysius.


FOLLOW Mabel’s Labels and stay tuned for great deals and savings!!!! Remember, Black Friday is right around the corner!


Feel free to share the link with friends and family as well!!!