To our St. Aloysius Families and Wider School Community:

On behalf of the staff at St. Aloysius, we welcome you to a truly vibrant school community that puts the needs of children first. We feel blessed to be part of a school team focused on developing the whole child — mind, body, and spirit — through a commitment to high expectations, collaboration, and inclusivity for all. Students are at the heart of everything we do: they are the very reason we exist as a school system.

We have the privilege of educating our children in a Catholic school system; this is a truly awesome responsibility and one which we will not take for granted. We place great value on our three cornerstones of community– school, home, and church. Under the guidance and leadership of our St. Aloysius parish priest, Father Melvin Pinto, our students will have the opportunity to grow in their daily lives and celebrate the Sacraments. Our school is blessed with a caring, talented staff committed to creating opportunities for students to share their wonderful gifts. Together, we can prepare our 21st century learners for a productive, meaningful life, tolerant of differences, while working together in the image of Jesus Christ.

At St. Aloysius, we believe that “many hands make light work” and we are always open to accepting help from additional volunteers. Please contact the office to discuss ways in which you can volunteer your time to the St. Aloysius community.

It is our hope that all families will engage in 21st century learning alongside your children. We use multiple forms of communication to help you stay connected with all the activities that will be taking place at St. Aloysius Catholic Elementary School. Please make sure your email address is current and active. Important updates will be sent via School Messenger and through our new system, Aspen. Please sign up for Newswire, an electronic email service to communicate important school notifications through your designated email, at our St. Aloysius school website. Other news items will be shared and posted on this school website in a timely fashion. We also have a St. Aloysius Twitter feed and you can follow us @StAlStars. Classroom teachers will be using D2L for classroom wide communication and the development of student e-Portfolios from JK- Gr. 6. Our Grade 7 & 8 students will be using MyBlueprint as a transition tool to secondary school for pathways planning. Finally, our students and teachers continue to learn more about Google Apps for Education and incorporate this learning into our everyday practice. We are truly engaged in 21st Century learning at St. Aloysius, and we hope you will join us!

When you browse our School Life page you will find many opportunities for your child to become involved in activities beyond academics at St. Aloysius.

We look forward to sharing a fantastic year at St. Aloysius with you and your family.

God Bless…

Ben McKinnon and Carla FundakBonsma