Good Evening St. Aloysius Families,

Term 1 Report Cards are set to go home on the 15th of February. As mentioned, every few days leading up to that date we will be sharing snippets of information that we hope families find useful in understanding what is on the report card and how teachers evaluate student performance. A common understanding between teachers and parents will hopefully help us work together to improve student performance and ultimately help each child achieve academic success.

Today we want to share information about the 4 categories of knowledges and skills that are present in all curriculum documents. The achievement chart identifies four categories of knowledge and skills that are common to all subject areas and disciplines. The categories help teachers to focus not only on students’ acquisition of knowledge but also on their development of the skills of thinking, communication, and application. In all subjects and courses, students should be given numerous and varied opportunities to demonstrate the full extent of their achievement of the curriculum expectations (content standards) across all four categories of knowledge and skills. Teachers will ensure that student learning is assessed and evaluated in a balanced manner with respect to the four categories.